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Welcome to We are a repository of historical dictionaries, glossaries, and textbooks. We offer word definitions for legal proceedings, prior art interpretation, and other diverse research functions.

Word meaning changes over time and varies across subject domains. The Dictionary Archive team is building out a repository, index, and web tools to quickly uncover nuances in word meaning.

We currently offer fixed prices per dictionary, glossary, or textbook page scans:
  • $25.00 per successfully sourced dictionary definition
Until we have a full index of each available resource, your order total will be adjusted to the definitions actually retrieved.
Your initial payment reflects all requested words in your order before this potential downward adjustment.
Current processing time is within 1 business day. Orders are delivered to the email address used during  account creation.
You can order directly by email and be invoiced later.
Submit your terms and any resource constraints to   We will pull the desired number of definitions and invoice you later.

We run custom searches across our index and create word reports of successfully located terms so you can quickly find a broad range of definitions (see report example).  For custom searches please contact

Our monthly subscribers can access our index in online beta form. Become a monthly subscriber to access full-text of all digitized resources.  Contact to learn more.
The resource cover page, copyright page, and page(s) of definitions. These items are delivered in PDF format.
Please email  for questions about billing, delivery, or formatting. Please include your order number and user information (i.e first name and email address)
We love to hear requests. Email  with a detailed description of the resource or feature desired.

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